Information is power. We believe in using information to empower our clients. That’s the philosophy behind our latest homegrown software innovation, Vu™. We created Vu™ by taking all the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients and gathering the answers into one central, user-friendly interface. With Vu™, legal teams can manage eDiscovery review while reducing their dependence on vendors.

  • See the scope of your project and track its progress in seconds
  • Visualize each matter with intuitive charts, graphs, and interactive reports
  • Quickly zero in on duplicates and coding inconsistencies to limit unnecessary review time
  • Follow each document through the Discovery lifecycle from collection to production
  • Included at no additional cost with Relativity hosting services

Wait… did you just say this is free?

That’s right! We don’t charge for Vu if you’re hosting data in our Relativity environment. A customer-centric experience should be the standard, not a luxury.

See the Big Picture

See which languages your documents are in, how many duplicates you have, and more all on one screen. Vu takes Relativity’s suite of Analytics and builds intuitive visuals so you can instantly understand the scope and progress of a matter.

Track Progress

Easy-to-understand graphics show you how many documents you have in each stage of discovery. See coding trends emerge early in the review process, so you can make informed, strategic decisions faster. Our reviewer statistic dashboard reveals coding inconsistencies and mistakes before documents are elevated to further stages of discovery.

Get to Know Your Team

Learn more about the Contact Team members assigned to your case with LinkedIn integration.

Track Outgoing Documents

As you prepare outgoing documents, Vu tracks the volume ID, date produced, size of production, native vs. image breakdown, number of redactions, and the receiving party. And in typical Vu style, we put all the most important information on a single screen with crystal-clear visuals.

Vu™ puts the power of eDiscovery review in your hands.

See how Vu™ answers all your burning questions in one convenient dashboard.