Contact Discovery is a team of visionaries who are never content with the status quo. We’ve been in the game since 2010, and a lot has changed since then. Through the years we’ve learned to pivot with the market and anticipate and prepare for new challenges as they come. Today, we’re an internationally respected eDiscovery service provider and consulting company. We help companies of all shapes and sizes improve their corporate governance. With Contact, you get the best of both worlds: the innovative, can-do attitude of a start up paired with the proven scalability that only comes with experience.

Minimize Waste. Maximize Potential.

Our Philosophy

We bring a holistic approach to corporations and how they view and manage eDiscovery. The Contact team will help you move towards enterprise solutions that cater to your specific needs and are symbiotic with your internal controls. With an eye toward long term solutions vs short term fixes, we derive maximum value. Our bespoke solutions increase control, reduce internal noise, reduce exposure, and empower your In-House team.

Contact Discovery provides litigation consulting, compliance advisory and eDiscovery services to some of the world’s largest corporations and government entities.  Our approach to litigation consulting is simple – provide expert services that integrate and expand your existing capabilities.  By providing the right services the right way, Contact empowers your company to leverage existing investments while expanding your litigation and compliance capabilities. 

  • Reduce discovery spend by up to 50%
  • Increased internal capabilities
  • Reduced outside counsel reliance and billing
  • More visibility into your matter portfolio
  • Utilization of data analytics
  • Playbooks that govern discovery and the management of data
  • Access to some of the industry’s best technology
  • Dedicated team of project managers and consultants
  • Technology training
  • A more modern approach to handling discovery

Our Approach to Corporate Governance

Contact isn’t just here to implement quick fixes, we’re here to help you design and execute corporate governance policies that will make all future cases run as smoothly as possible. By establishing organized, efficient protocols now, we minimize your need for external vendors and lengthy investigations in the future. The result is a legally defensible and economically predictable model that provides your corporation with a legal strategic advantage and unparalleled compliance capabilities.

Our goal is to leave you better than we found you. You have all the power. It’s time to take control.