We are one of the only ISO certified eDiscovery vendors around!

And that’s not all we’ve done to secure your data…

Some might call our relationship with data security an “obsession,” but we prefer the term dedication. We know your clients trust you with their most sensitive data, and you owe it to them to pick an eDiscovery partner who has the same commitment to information security.

All too often, the legal industry falls behind other industries in terms of technological improvements. This is largely because there aren’t enough tech providers who make data security the priority it needs to be for sensitive legal matters. But with the right security-focused team by your side, you can have your cake and eat it too. Take advantage of the smoother, streamlined workflows our digital world provides, yet manage and mitigate the additional risks that come along with that world. We like to think of our security approach as “the 3 Ps”: Prevention, Planning, and People.


95% of security breaches are relatively simplistic and could have been prevented with the right organizational protocols in place. With this in mind, Contact’s security philosophy is built around prevention, with specific attention paid towards the small details that some firms let slip through the cracks. At every decision point, we ask ourselves how to best protect your data from malicious actors. All our other procedures stem from this prevention mindset. That empowers our clients to turn their attention towards legal strategy without worrying about the nuts and bolts of data security.  


When a security breach happens, it’s easy to see what should’ve been done beforehand. What’s harder is anticipating potential sources of risk and actually taking the necessary steps to mitigate them. At Contact, we take a proactive approach, continuously asking ourselves what we can do better and then doing it. In 2018, we became ISO 27001 certified, even though many of our competitors weren’t. As part of this process, we implemented an Information Security Management System that requires countless checks and balances and third-party audits to measure our effectiveness. Are we done? Certainty not; but we are consistently evaluating our procedures and striving to make them even better.


We love technology as much as anyone, but the best firewalls in the world are useless without the right people behind them. All it takes is one employee’s lapse in judgment to turn a thriving business into the next data breach headline. That reality won’t change no matter much money an organization has invested in securing their network. At Contact, we’re continually working to instill good judgement in our employees.

This involves in-depth education on real security breaches, how they happened, the catastrophic impact these breaches had on their respective organizations, and the level of vigilance it takes to prevent such a breach. This continuing education fosters a culture where every employee is on their toes 24/7 and data security is at the forefront of every decision we make. Now ask yourself… do your clients deserve any less?

Additional Safeguards

Security Attributes
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Privacy Shield Certified
  • ITAR Compliant
  • GDPR Compliant

Your data is safe with us.

Your clients deserve state-of-the-art data security. Make sure they have it with Contact.