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Next Generation Relativity Review Enhancement.
MobileRev and MobileRevX are changing the way the legal industry reviews mobile evidence.
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Digital evidence collected from mobile devices has become a common source for relevant data in discovery. Signs point to cell phone data extractions becoming more integral to discovery in the future. MobileRev™ revolutionizes the way attorneys review, search, organize, and produce content collected from mobile devices, all within the same environment where you review emails and other business documents. Legal teams no longer need to work with cumbersome spreadsheets or exports from forensic software. With MobileRev™, you can review text messages, iChat, WhatsApp and other supported communication formats with images similar to what you’d see on your phone.

Spreadsheets are old news with MobileRev 🙂

Review Mobile Chat Data

Review data extracted from cell phones and business collaboration platforms alongside email and other documents using Relativity or similar applications.

Data Analytics

Leverage data analytics to reveal trends in communication and eliminate wasted time by only reviewing what matters most.

Contact Alias Identification

MobileRev™ can identify similar names and numbers across multiple sources and consolidate them into a single custodian.

Near-Native Production Format

Review and produce content that looks a lot like its original format without compromising document defensibility and integrity.

Review mobile content with speed and ease you never thought possible

Don’t take our word for it. Schedule a demo and see MobileRev™ in action!