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M8 is a legal project management solution built to unify your data and your processes into one, easy-to use web-based application.
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Project Management BY legal professionals, FOR legal professionals.

M8 unifies your legal matters into a central, easy-to-use, web-based application. Our legal technology experts built M8 after seeing the headaches our clients had trying to juggle numerous vendors, internal personnel, and outside contacts on too many projects. We gave them the features and functionality they needed to achieve a consistent, reliable, legal workflow management process. With M8, you can streamline data entry and workflows, create accountability with automated and customizable reporting, and so much more.

Client Information

Store client level information such as business information, office locations with built-in mapping, and internal codes.

Manage Contacts

M8 gives you a Contact Database for Internal, External (Client), and Vendor groups of Contacts. Address book lists all Contacts and relevant information including the Related Client for any External Contacts.

Vendor Management

The Vendor Management module lets you track available Vendors and the services for which they’re approved by the Firm. This includes tracking Vendors approved for hosting on a Matter level, as well as tracking for specialized elements such as Data Collection or Scanning.

Project Tracking

Monitor Project status, completeness, workload, assignments, etc. with the Projects module. Track requestor, primary resources assigned, request correspondence, and Matter & Client information. Quickly enter all Tasks related to a Project without needing to enter Project info for each Task or sub Task.

Task & Data Entry

Group multiple Tasks with a Project to streamline tracking and deadlines. Tasks can have individual deadlines while referring back to an overall Project timeline. Track completeness of the Project at large as well as individual Tasks.

Relativity Integrations

Keep track of all review details in one place. Interactive calculators allow attorneys to estimate the scale of a project by revealing how much time, man power, and money is needed. Billing tracking calculators empower the legal team to keep a close eye on project budget throughout the review. Relativity integrations pull in data from the review platform to compare against what cost vendors are billing, providing insight and accountability.

Matter & Project Tracking

Track Matter activity status as well as legal hold status, billing exceptions, and related vendors. Set Matter wide defaults for related Projects & Tasks to get the job done faster.

Evidence Management

M8’s Chain of Custody module tracks the movement of evidence whether within the firm, to and from a client, or with a vendor. This enables you to track each piece of evidence indefinitely and export chain of custody reports as necessary.

Stop juggling but never drop the ball.

See how M8™ takes complex matters and makes them simple.