Legal Hold

Legal Hold: The Cornerstone of Litigation

It’s virtually impossible to overstate the importance of a well-executed legal hold strategy. All other eDiscovery projects get easier when you know that all the relevant documents are secured safely, their original integrity is in tact, and they’re organized enough to be easily accessible when you need them. We leverage Relativity’s Legal Hold software to store and organize communications from various platforms, including Microsoft 365 applications. This creates a streamlined, repeatable, defensible legal hold process to help all future litigations run as smoothly as possible.

Hold Notification Management

You can use templates or create custom hold notices that are sent to relevant employees via email. The system will even send reminders to anyone that hasn’t acknowledged receipt.

Reusable Templates

Create templates that can be used for repetitive tasks. Have templates at the ready for IP, Employment, and other issues to eliminate work and create consistency across projects.

Automate & Schedule

Let our system keep track of who acknowledged receipt, and perhaps more importantly, who didn’t. Schedule follow-ups, send questionnaires and automate weekly reports.

Office 365 Integration

Our legal hold software just got better! You can now use our solution alongside O365 so you can manage legal holds and preservation initiatives with ease from one system.

Simplify and streamline your process without compromising defensibility.