The Truth is in the Numbers
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Satisfied clients

We work with Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments, and Government Agencies around the world on various legal matters and discovery technology initiatives.

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Successful Projects Completed

Our engagements range from the analysis of a single piece of evidence to building and maintaining complex discovery programs for some the world’s largest law firms and corporations.

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Petabytes Managed

We’ve managed over 20 PB (that’s over 2 million GB) of digital evidence with an error rate of less than 1%.

eDiscovery for Law Firms

The world’s best law firms trust us with their eDiscovery projects.

eDiscovery for Corporations

Providing complex enterprises with compliance and litigation solutions.

eDiscovery for Government

Technology and staffing solutions for local, state, and federal government.

Our Innovations

Too often, eDiscovery companies focus on either technology development or real-world application. At Contact, we believe in a symbiotic relationship between these two sides. We build great technology largely because we’re also working on real cases every day, and we’re able to provide better discovery services and positive outcomes largely because we can build great technology.

MobileRev™, M8, and Vu™ were all born out of seeing real legal professionals struggle with the same challenges over and over again. Whether your needs can be addressed by one of these three apps or you’re looking for a more customized solution, Contact has both the technical know-how and industry experience to help.

Contact Discovery goes above and beyond to keep your data safe. Learn about how we’re investing in your security.