A wise man once said “I don’t know where I’m going, but I sure know where I’ve been.” Okay, technically, it was an 80s Rock Band, but we still think it’s pretty wise! Our industry is all about discovering the past so we can tell a better story. With that in mind, here’s a little bit about our past to help you understand how far we’ve come, and the core principles that will never change.

  • In 2008, two college friends had a vision for the future of eDiscovery. They wanted faster processing speeds; more intuitive technology; solutions to problems the rest of the industry didn’t even know they had.

  • They decided to form a software company to create that future, starting with some bad-ass eDiscovery processing technology.

  • Contact was born and its singular purpose was to build a new data processing powerhouse at the request of an AM LAW 50 firm in DC.

  • That powerhouse, known as Hydra, exceeded our expectations by delivering (at the time) unmatched data processing speeds. It became the core of Contact’s service philosophy.

  • Contact knew that even the best technology in the world can’t do eDiscovery alone, and shifted their focus to the industry’s biggest problem – quality of support and the client experience.

  • The new service-focused model naturally lead to expansion. The philosophy is simple: if the industry needs it, Contact is here to provide it.  

  • In addition to litigation support, we started offering data management services, forensics analysis, managed document review, and litigation consulting to keep up with the market’s expanding needs.

Where will this journey take us next? We don’t know all the specifics, but we do know some things. A successful client experience and outcome will ALWAYS be our top priority. We’ll never stop pushing boundaries of what eDiscovery technology can do for you. No matter how good technology gets, we know it will never be a substitute for the problem solving skills our industry experts bring to the table.

Tell us about your past and present. We’ll help you build a better future.

With your vision and our experience, there’s no limits to what you can do.