The leading eDiscovery technology like only Contact can do it.

Considered one of the industry’s premiere solutions, Relativity’s eDiscovery software lets you manage the process from beginning to end. Its open platform capability means that Contact’s crack team of software engineers can tailor Relativity to your needs.

In one seamless program, Relativity helps you take that sea of unorganized data, zero in on what’s most relevant to your project, and turn it into compelling evidence that you can present in court. With a comprehensive, proactive, intel-driven security program, you know you can trust Relativity with your organization’s most sensitive information.  

We made Relativity even better!

Contact is never content with the status quo. We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance solutions like Relativity and solve problems before you even know you have them. That’s why we’ve built several solutions that solve problem in all phases of the EDRM.

Relativity certifications on the Contact Team:

  • Relativity Certified Administrator
  • Relativity Certified Expert
  • Relativity Certified Master
  • Relativity Project Management Specialist
  • RelativityOne Certified Pro
  • Relativity Analytics Specialist
  • Relativity Processing Specialist
  • Relativity Review Management Specialist (formerly Relativity Certified User)

Make the most out of Relativity with Contact.

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