Managed Document Review

Contact is constantly recruiting, evaluating, and qualifying document reviewers that can be brought onto a project with less than 24 hours’ notice. Our staffing network empowers you to take on bigger projects and scale as needed, whether it’s a small 3-person team, a full managed review team, or a large workforce review operation.

We pride ourselves on finding high quality, high accountability, barred attorneys specifically tailored to the needs of your project. Our network can assist with document review, privilege review, expert testimony, legal research, and foreign language translation.

We work with your team to identify the requisite skills and experience that an attorney would need to bring the most value to your project. Our reviewers cover all major areas of expertise such as IP, Pharma & Med Bio, Finance, Corporate, Anti-Trust, and Tax. Contact reviewers are experienced across eight different review platforms and skilled in more than 20 different languages.

How Managed Review Works:

Managed Review Consultation

1. Consult

You sit down with one of Contact’s managed review experts. We’ll get a holistic view of your matter including outcome goals, your desired review pace, and what kinds of reviewers will best serve your needs.

Managed Review Staffing

2. Staff

Contact assembles an elite team of review attorneys based on your specifications. Whether that’s foreign language fluency, or specialized legal expertise, it’s like having your own Special Forces for each new matter.

Managed Document Review

3. Manage

Your project manager stays in constant communication with all the reviewers on your behalf. You get to talk with one person, not 20, all while trusting that everyone’s on the same page and working towards your desired outcome.

Get the right attorneys reviewing your records in record time.

Tap into Contact’s vast review network to expedite your next matter.